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Lush. Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

Published on 3rd Jul 2017

Category: Brand

Your right. I’m not the target audience for this brand. I am a ‘mmhhmmm’ year old male who only moisturises if the doctor tells me to. You can safely conclude that Lush isn’t the brand for me. So why do I like it so much?

My teenage daughter introduced me to it. ‘This…(dramatic pause)… is LUSH’ she said with her palms ushering towards the entrance of the shop. A soon as you approach the shop, you are hit by aromas and scents from the handmade products displayed inside. They are the self proclaimed ‘Delicatessen of the beauty world’. They hand make and hand pack their products and the individual makers of each product are highlighted at the bottom of the jar, bottle or tube that you buy.

The retail aesthetic is garden market with a modern twist, the personality is friendly, colourful, optimistic and engaging.


Each product is in some way food orientated or just made from good natural products. The vibe in the shop is fun and vibrant yet natural. The products are arranged in a neat ramshackle (purposefully).


Personality, the main ingredient.

LUSH is an approach to beauty and pampering. Its a vibe and a lifestyle choice. It doesn’t take itself too seriously but it’s a serious brand. Most of all, it’s about the ingredients. They love the ingredients that go in to their products and they hero them loudly, with aplomb. The story is smart and devastatingly simple; ‘Good ingredients which you would be happy to eat go in to our products. So you know they can only be good for you.’

This is a smart confident brand with great products. That first time I visited the shop, they were running a soap making workshop with children. They were having a lot of fun. Not as much fun as the woman who was running the workshop though. Her enthusiasm was infectious.

That’s what I noticed about the brand. It felt like they knew their fans and they like their fans and they want to make them happy with loads of fun products. A modest ambition executed in an exuberant way. It prides itself on being different, not just from other personal care brands, but from any brand.

I’m not the target audience it’s true, but I loved the brand!



About the author

Habib Patel

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