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In praise of … Monocle

Published on 27th Jul 2017

Category: Design

Monocle is a magazine that celebrates the modern globalista. Travel, current affairs, business, design and lifestyle are just some of the eclectic subjects which Monocle owns and shapes. Founded in 2007 by Tyler Brûlé, a Canadian entrepreneur, Financial Times columnist, and founder of Wallpaper magazine, the Monocle brand has expanded from a beautifully crafted printed magazine to a full media suite which delivers podcasts, films, a 247 radio station, website and retail presence.


Tyler Brûlé: The founder of Monocle


The most recent addition to my personal Monocle experience is Monocle films. I came across them on my podcast app on a random browsing session and having seen a few that are an absolute joy. Subjects as interesting and diverse as ‘Animal Architecture’ and ‘Made in Vienna’ are tackled with style and panache. Quirky observations and smart commentary augment the ‘finger on the pulse’ trend-tracking that Monocle do so well.

The films are simple, narrated pieces, slickly edited and enriched with intelligent interviews. Each one is no longer than 5 minutes making them perfect commuting companions.


Monocle Films: 5 minute gems perfect for your commute


Radio shows and audio podcasts on the Monocle 24 app


Monocle is a brand that has much potential. How long before Monocle TV or Monocle Hotels? Although it’s been going for 10 years, it feels like this is only the tip of the iceberg. The Radio station is also a treat; ‘Culture with Robert Bound’, ‘The Globalist’ and ‘The Cinema Show’ are just some of the shows available on this modern celebration of a 20th century medium.



Monocle Films are available on your podcast app or iTunes.

Monocle Radio: https://monocle.com/radio

The website: https://monocle.com

Subscribe to the magazine: https://monocle.com/magazine


About the author

Habib Patel

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In praise of … Monocle

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