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3 lessons learned: Technology is simple.

Published on 4th May 2020

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In the second of our series of 3 Lessons Learned, we wanted to share our experience of branding for the technology sector.

We have worked with many technology businesses and have learned how to navigate the specific challenges they face when marketing to their audience. We see brand, marketing and digital design as one piece when it comes to branding. For all our clients, a brand’s story, visual identity, marketing and the UX/UI, all contribute to how audiences perceive a brand and its worth.

We learned 3 important lessons when working with our technology clients.

Our brand identity and UX/UI work for Chime by CaféX

Talk human.

It’s about the business proposition, the brand’s values and the product benefit. Just like any other brand in any other sector, technology brands need to talk to people. Yes the technical aspects are important, but you need to start with why the audience (humans) should consider your brand in the first place. If your brand does not have a clear proposition, a clear set of vales and a simple set of product/service benefits, then your audience struggles to identify why your offer is worth considering.

Your audience is made up of human beings. So talk to them in simple digestible language. You can get to the technical stuff. More importantly, your audience needs to be compelled by your proposition. So that first pitch needs to be sharp, engaging and compelling on a human level.

Tell your story.

Human beings run technology businesses. So tell the story of your team’s excellence, expertise and vision. That’s important to your audience. Tell your audience what motivates and drives the company. Tell them why your product is better than the competition’s products, through clearly defined business benefits. 

Your customers will by your product, your service and your team. Get them to believe in all three.

Stills form a brand video for CafeX

Brand is everything. Everything is brand.

Whether you are dealing with the brand’s identity, a marketing campaign or creating a user experience, remember it all goes towards creating your brand image. There is a useful parallel to draw here. Imagine instead of a technology business, you are running a retail business. Your brand identity is the sign above the door, your website, advertising  and social media are the shop window, the packed shelves are your products and services and the user experience is the retail environment. If you look at it through that lens, then it is easy to see that your brand comes through in everything you do. So make sure that you’re investing in all aspects of your brand’s output.

To summarise, it is easy to get distracted by the technology when branding and marketing technology propositions. The customer, your audience, will be influenced by a simple story well told and will appreciate simple human engagement.

Email us on info@discoverbrandcreation.com to enquire how we can get your technology brand discovered.